Happy Hump Day

Starting a blog really makes you realize how fast time flies by.  Is it time for another post?  Is it seriously Wednesday already?  I have to get up early tomorrow so I’ll try to make this quick.


On Monday, I tried one of my “easy” and “healthy” crockpot recipes that I recently found online.  4 ingredients kind of easy.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, it IS to good to be true.  It was horrible!  So bad that even I couldn’t put a positive spin on it.  And believe me, I tried.  Usually, my family tries to be a little sensitive because they know I try.  But tonight, none of us could contain ourselves.  We all ended up laughing about it and Steven is begging me to stop it with the healthy meals that nobody likes.  But I still trust that I will eventually find some healthy & easy recipes that the whole family will like.

After cleaning up our various dinners, I headed off to yoga with Sam.  It was nice to get a good stretch after Sunday’s long run.  I think I’m getting better at some of the poses.  When I got home, Gabby took a picture of me holding a pose.  I looked so much better in my head.

20150831_201521 20150831_201637


On Tuesday night, Sam and I went to Chancellor’s Run Park to get our miles in.  We planned to run intervals and I was really excited to try out my new running shoes.


We decided to start intervals after our first mile.  We ran .10 sprints followed by .20 recovery for the 2nd mile.  I was struggling with the heat/humidity (Its finally September and the weather is worse than it has been in weeks).  I still managed to keep up a pretty good pace for the remainder of the run, but I stopped running sprint intervals.  We couldn’t figure out why our GPS’s were so off, but I think we figured it out.  We were running circles, and I ran on the outside of the circle so I think I was actually running an extra .03 each time we made a lap.  It doesn’t seem like much, but by the end, Sam had to run an extra .25 to get to 4.5 miles.  We are going to have to figure out a new plan if we run circles again.


We ran into the Boyce family at the park so we finally got some pictures of us running.  Okay, so yes they were totally staged after our run, but you get the point.

IMG_6699 IMG_6711


On Wednesday night, Sam and I took Body Pump at the gym.  I am also happy to report that I have been logging my food on MyFitnessApp all week.  And I have been meeting my target goals – yay me!  I can’t wait to weigh myself on Saturday morning to see if I’ve lost any weight.

2 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day

  1. We’re trying to eat healthier too. On Sunday, I steamed freash kale from the farmer’s market. I loved it!! Paul asked me to never make it again:)


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