About Kimberly-Jane

756252-1171-0022sWelcome to my blog!  Let me introduce myself…my name is Kimberly-Jane, but most people call me Kim.  I am a 30-something busy wife and mother to 2 beautiful young ladies.  I was never a fan of running when I was younger.  I remember in High School when I had to “run” a timed mile, I would end up walking it with my friends instead.  I have always enjoyed working out though.  I started incorporating a little bit of treadmill running into my workouts in my 20’s, but still didn’t have a passion for it.  When I was 33, I ran my first 5k and I LOVED the feeling of crossing the finish line.  I immediately began looking for more 5k’s to run, however my interest faded after a couple of weeks.  I didn’t find myself running another 5k until the following year (same race).  And then again, the following year.  I would run on and off during those couple of years, but I never ran more than 3.1 miles.  Then, when I was 36, I decided that I would like to run a half marathon.  I remember seeing multiple facebook posts about half marathons from an old friend and decided to contact her for advise.  This “old friend” became a great inspiration and motivator and is now a dear friend of mine.  She helped me find a plan that would work for me and we started meeting up on our lunch breaks to get our Tues/Thurs runs in.  I ran my first half marathon on 4/27/14 and haven’t looked back since.  Just before my 37th birthday, I ran my first full marathon.  During this journey, I was able to convince my best friend to start running with me as well and we continue to enjoy (actually more of a love/hate relationship) our runs together.  My husband is a runner as well.  He has always enjoyed running, but I convinced him to start running longer distances and signing up for races with me.  That’s my running journey so far in a nut shell.

Cast of characters

I will probably be talking about the following people a lot since they have all been a part of my running journey, so let me introduce them:

  • Steven – Husband/Fellow Runner
  • Makayla – Daughter
  • Gabby – Daughter/Fellow Runner
  • Sam – Bestie/Fellow Runner
  • Crystal – “Old Friend” turned “Dear Friend”/Fellow Runner

While this is the main cast of characters in my personal running story, I have also met a lot of other people in the running community who have motivated me.  I also have to give a shot out to my mother (aka “Maw Maw” to the grandkids), who began running in her 60’s and my sister, Becky, who has fought illness/injury and still continues her running journey.

2 thoughts on “About Kimberly-Jane

  1. Kim you are definitely an inspiration and are doing great. You look Great and are setting a Great example for your Family!! You should be really proud of Yourself ☺😊!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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