Why are treadmill minutes so long?

We are almost 3 weeks into 2020 and I have 25 running miles logged so far. Most of those miles have been on the treadmill. I typically run in the evenings and I am not a fan of running in the dark, so treadmill it is! And boy what an adjustment that is! People will sometimes ask if I prefer running on the treadmill or running outside and I think the answer is whatever I have adapted to at that particular time. The transition is ALWAYS the hardest, whether going from road to treadmill or treadmill to road. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. I’d argue that running outside can be harder physically, but running on the treadmill can be more mentally challenging. No change of scenery often means the minutes go by so slowly and let me tell you those first 2 weeks of running in 2020 were a huge CHALLENGE! Between adapting to the treadmill and carrying a few extra pounds, I was really struggling to finish my runs. I’m finally starting to get back into a groove.

So, what do you do you to pass the time on the treadmill? I’ve used a combination of music, podcasts, and Netflix in the past. This go round, I was having a hard time finding new music that especially motivates me (and I need a break from my older playlists). I also love listening to any true crime podcasts but sometimes it takes a few episodes to really get into them. So, I decided to check out the series YOU on Netflix, since I had been hearing a lot about it. I found that the first couple of episodes were a little slow but now I’m really digging it. Its helping the treadmill minutes fly by. I find myself walking even further on my cool-down just so that I can finish an episode. What about you? Do you have a go-to show, podcast, or music to help the time pass? Do you people watch? Comment below…I’d love to hear your ideas.
Other than running, I’ve been going back to BodyPump semi-regularly (when Gabby doesn’t have a swim meet). I’ve been trying to find time to squeeze in some yoga/stretching and was so excited when Makayla offered to lead a “class” one night at home. She is taking yoga at school and is really interested in teaching one day so we rolled out our yoga mats on the living room floor and had a quick yoga session together! She did great and it was so much fun! I can totally see her being a yoga instructor in her future.
Looking forward to a short week this week with some great runs and strength sessions! What do you have on your fitness agenda for the week?

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