Back Flips Make Me Feel Young

2 day weekends are for the birds! I don’t understand how 2 days can go by so quickly. But alas, another weekend is over and I have started the work week. Thank goodness it’s a short work week for me! Below is a recap of the last few days:


On Friday, I had grandeur ideas in my head about going to the gym after work and hitting the weight machines or going to the pool to swim laps since I knew I was going to miss body pump on Saturday. When I got home from work, Steven and I also talked about taking a nice long walk. Well…let me just go ahead and confess that no workout ended up happening. Makayla’s desk, hutch, and shelves that I ordered had come in and were waiting for me at home and I just HAD to put it together “real quick” before we worked out. Yeah, a “real quick” furniture assembly also turned into running out to the store to grab some new pillows for her room, and of course that turned into eating dinner out together. By the time we actually got the furniture together and the shelf hung on the wall, we were both frustrated and tired. So, I didn’t get any workout in. I totally forgot to do my core challenge as well. Oops.


Saturday was a blast! Steven and I headed to Bethpage to meet my parents, sister, brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews, and my cousins. My sister had already taken my girls the day before. We got to the campground around 11:30. Pop Pop was chilling and Maw Maw was out on a bike ride. Everyone else was at the lake. We headed over to the lake to meet them. The lake had a water trampoline out in the middle and anyone who knows me well knows that I will never pass up the opportunity to act like a teenager when I see a trampoline!!  So even though it was a little chilly out, I headed over to wait in line for my turn on the trampoline. They allowed 8 of us on at a time, so after being pushed in the lake by my nephew’s girlfriend (thanks Stormy), a bunch of my family swam out to the trampoline. It was a blast. My first attempt at a front flip into the lake was a total fail. I slipped right off the edge and into the water. It was not very graceful. I couldn’t go out like that, so I had to climb back up and try again. Success! My next 2 flips were front flips and I finally built up the courage to do a back flip into the lake on my last turn. I’m lucky I am alive today. Sometimes I forget just how old I am ;o) Our turn was over so we all swam back to shore.

20150808_123410 20150808_123759 20150808_124049

We went back to the campsite to grab some lunch and play a couple games of corn hole. After lunch, we went to the pool. The pool had 3 water slides, and once again, I acted like I was a teenager and rushed up the stairs to have my turn on all 3!  We had a great time!

20150808_142831 20150808_141514 20150808_141630 20150808_142213 20150808_142807

After a while, we decided to head back to the campsite to relax. 4 of the cousins (my girls, and 2 of my nephews) all have summer birthdays. Its kind of sad, but even though we live 20 minutes apart, we had to drive over 2 hours to all be in the same place long enough to celebrate. Cathy had brought some decorations and cakes and we had a little bday celebration for them. Of course, this included silly string!

20150808_161046 20150808_163406 20150808_163500 20150808_163458

After the bday cake, we decided to have a corn hole tournament. We drew names to assign teams. I got paired with my niece, Alicen. Steven got paired with my cousin’s son, Cameron. Ali and I made it to the 2nd round. Steven and Cameron won the tournament! Woot woot!

20150808_200819  20150808_175611 20150808_20001420150808_200858

My dad made some really good cheeseburgers for the crew during the tournament! Who knew my dad could grill?!? I also managed to get a quick bicycle ride and a walk in during the day. Although I had to miss body pump, I still got a lot of physical activities in. I forgot my dang core challenge again though!! We had a lot of fun at the campground and I could see myself camping there again (maybe in a cabin). The kids love it as well. My girls wanted to stay the last night with the rest of the family, while Steven and I headed home to take care of the animals. We were home by 11:15.


I got up at 7:00 to get ready for my long run. Sam and I had decided to leave around 7:45 again and head on base to run the trail again. I had a great run today! When I say I had a great run or a bad run, it doesn’t always have to do with my time/pace. I usually judge my runs by how I feel and I was feeling good today. It was totally unexpected. I figured after a long day out in the sun the day before, I would be tired and sluggish. We upped our mileage to 6.5. Our distance is about half way to a half marathon. Funny how a 6.5 miler one day can feel SOOO much better than a 4 miler 3 days before.


After our run, I went home and drank a protein drink and rested. I think the weekend was catching up to me because after showering, I decided to lay around for a little bit longer and even tried to take a nap with my 3-legged cat, Smokey.


I am not very good at napping. I generally wake up confused, disoriented, and grumpy. I did manage to get in a 20 minute nap and then the girls came home and I worked on Makayla’s room a little bit more. I did some other Sunday chores (blah) and before I knew it, it was time to set the alarm and head to bed.


I skipped yoga tonight. Not only did I skip yoga, but I ended up going out for ice cream. Double whammy. Oh well. I texted Sam after work about going to yoga. She said she couldn’t make it (soccer meeting) and asked if I was going. I said I didn’t want to go and was hoping she would talk me into it. We laughed about it and decided tonight would be a good night to skip. Sam got out of her commitment earlier than expected and was able to go at the last minute. She asked if I wanted to join her, but I had already told Gabby I would drop her off at her friend’s house in Hollywood. Plus, I was planning to visit with another bestie, Lori. I dropped off the Gabinator but unfortunately Lori and I were not able to hook up.  So instead, Steven and I went for ice cream. I talked to Sam after she got home and she told me that she was the only person in the class tonight! That never happens. At least I wasn’t the only one slacking! I don’t feel as guilty now.

Time for bed! My alarm is set for 5:00 so we can head to the track and do some speed work in the morning before work. I am hoping the storms hold off until later in the day. However, I know that if I do wake up to a storm at 5:00 am, a part of me will be more than happy to reset the alarm for 6:20. Let’s see what the day brings!

3 thoughts on “Back Flips Make Me Feel Young

  1. Boo me!!! Sam N. and I walked the dogs tonight so I don’t fel too guilty for skipping the treadmill. We swam in Lake Erie a couple of weeks ago. It was fun, no worries about sharks! Those pictures look awesome, I’d like to go camping there someday but I’ve been spoiled with log cabins.


    1. Walking the dogs is exercise with the added benefit of spending time with your furbabies 🙂
      Bethpage has cabins too! If we ever spend the night there, that’s where I will be 🙂


      1. Ooh! We would be down for that. We usually go to Cook’s Forrest in PA. It’s nice and tranquil.


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