Looking Ahead

I’ve started planning out my 2016 races that I’m interested in.  I am only signed up for one as of right now (Key West in January), but I did come up with a plan based on races that I am interested in.  I highly doubt all of the out-of-town ones will happen, but you have to start your plan somewhere.  As always, let’s spend a few minutes catching up first.


I had physical therapy on Friday morning.  I got to run again (5.5 minutes).  I was winded but it did feel good.  After therapy, I spent the rest of the day wrapping presents.  Makayla and I watched a few episodes of The Walking Dead, while Steven was at the movies with Gabby watching The Force Awakens (his third time!!).


Gabby and I headed out to do some shopping on Saturday.  I was happy with how well my leg was holding up.  It really didn’t give me any trouble and we did our fair share of walking.


I jumped on the treadmill on Sunday morning to walk my 1 mile.  I think the treadmill is trying to kill me.  Everything was going well and I was feeling great until I hit .9 mile.  The same thing happened to me that happened last week!!!  How does that happen twice in a row?!?  I swear I am not usually that klutzy.  Ughh.  So, I was a bit sore after my “extended treadmill lunge” (doesn’t sound so bad when I put it that way, does it?).  I watched football (PERFECT football weekend) with my squad and did laundry for the rest of the day.


Ughh…Monday bloody Monday.  The day started out pretty good.  Other than a couple of people pointing out that my limp was back, it was a pretty standard Monday morning.  My leg/hip was pretty sore.  I had therapy at 1:00 with the therapist who did my initial evaluation.  She had me run on the treadmill again, but recorded me from the back and the side while I was running.  It was a bit disheartening to watch the video and have her point out things to me.  When my left foot strikes, my core stays really well aligned.  But when my right foot strikes, my whole body is curving to the side.  It’s not as noticeable from the side, but the give-away was watching how far back my left elbow goes versus my right elbow.  I asked if she thought this was causing my issue or was I doing this because of my issue.  She really didn’t know, but my money is on the fact that I am running this way to compensate for my injury.  We worked on some core strengthening moves that I need to add in at home with my hip exercises.  She also had me do a “bear crawl” walk across the floor, which also demonstrated just how bad my right side was compared to my left side.  When I stepped (crawled) with my left foot, I was able to keep a nice straight neutral back, but I couldn’t do the same on my right side.  After working me pretty hard, I was finally on my way out the door at 2:20 and that didn’t include my usual 10 minutes of icing.  I was feeling pretty emotional, upset, and a little sore so I decided to stop home to gather myself and to ice my hip.  I ended up throwing myself a pity party and staying home the rest of the afternoon.  Steven and I went out that evening to finish up my Christmas shopping (there always seems to be one last gift).  We also bought Flash a Christmas sweater and that helped pull me out of my funk.  How can you not smile when you see a bulldog in a Christmas sweater??  Maybe I should give up running and just watch cute dog videos all day on the internet instead  😉


Today was better.  I do feel like I am still slightly limping, although I had a co-worker comment that my limp was gone.  My leg/hip is still a little sore.  And my abs are sore from the core workout we did at PT yesterday.  Tomorrow is a big day for me.  I have my re-evaluation at physical therapy.  It is my last scheduled session.  I’m not sure what the plan will be after that.  Baby steps, I suppose.  Saturday will mark 6 weeks of rest and about 5 weeks of physical therapy for me (I think).

So, keeping in mind that any/all of this is subject to change due to my injury and my personal schedule, here is a “draft plan” for 2016:

  1. January 17 – Key West Half Marathon
  2. March 20 – Shamrock Half Marathon
  3. April 3 – Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (runners are selected by lottery and I did not get in.  I can register with a charity bib, but will be required to raise $500.  This will likely not happen).
  4. April 9 – Run for Hospice 10k
  5. April 24 – Coastal Delaware Running Festival (Half Marathon)
  6. May 21 – St. Michaels Half Marathon
  7. Sep 24 – Clarendon Day 10k
  8. Oct 1 – Crawlin’ Crab 5k
  9. Oct 2 – Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon
  10. Oct 23 – Myrtle Beach Mini (Half Marathon)
  11. Nov 12 – OBX 8k
  12. Nov 13 – OBX Half Marathon
  13. Nov 19 – Wobble Before you Gobble 5k
  14. Dec 4 – Christmastown 8k

I don’t see myself being able to spend weekends in Key West, Myrtle Beach, OBX, Hampton, and Delaware this year (plus my regular family vacation(s), but hopefully I get the chance to run some of these.

This will probably be my last update before Christmas so I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for tuning into my blog.

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