Throwback Thursday

Hey everyone!  Thank God It’s (Virtual) Friday!  Tomorrow is my day off (although I may head in for a couple of hours) and I have a fun-filled weekend planned.  Gabby has a swim meet and has events on Saturday and Sunday morning.  I love watching her swim and can’t wait to cheer her on.

I figured I would post TBT pictures today.  My first ever race!!  I ran the Hospice 5k on 4/16/11.  My mother-in-law, Judi told us about the race.  She walked it (if I remember correctly, she ran the first bit with me).  Steven and Jason ran the 10k.  I remember finishing and being really excited about running and wanting to sign up for more races.  Life got in the way, and I didn’t end up signing up for another one until the following year (Hospice again).  The ironic part is that I just looked up my finish time and it was 31:13 (10:03 pace), which is my EXACT time I got last weekend at the St. Pat’s 5k.  So here are my TBT pictures (we had NO idea how to dress for running and it was a cold and rainy day)


Supposed to be relaxing, but had to have a photo for my blog – lol

Back to present day.  I am still training for the Shamrock Half Marathon on March 20th.  I only have one long training run left before the race.  The last two Monday’s, I have done yoga at home.  Last Monday, I ended up doing it by myself at my house.  Boring!  This past Monday, I went back over Sam’s and we found a body flow video on youtube, which is what we usually do at the gym.  Lilee was going to join us, but she was bored ;o)


The past 2 Tuesdays, I have been at St. Mary’s College with Gabby.  The Great Mills swimming pool heater is broken so she has had practice at the college instead.  Since I am there for 2 hours, I have no excuse not to get my run in.  I have used the track the past two Tuesdays.  My MMR seems to get confused whenever I run circles.  I *think* my Garmin watch has been more accurate.  I have been able to fit 3.5 miles in before it gets dark.  According to my Garmin, I ran a 10:15 pace last Tuesday and a 10:00 pace this past Tuesday.

Last Wednesday, Sam and I went to Body Pump at the gym.  I got a pretty good workout in.  This week, I decided to skip Pump on Wednesday.  I just wasn’t feeling it and I knew Sam couldn’t make it. I had a long day at work and just wanted to take it easy.

The past 2 Thursday runs have been treadmill runs.  Last Thursday, I ended up running on my treadmill at home and didn’t have a very good run.  I ran 4 miles and every minute was a struggle.  My knees also seemed to bother me on that treadmill.  I ended up running 4 miles at an 11:03 pace.  Tonight, I hit the gym.  I actually surprised myself.  I wasn’t feeling very energetic or motivated (another long, busy day at work), but I decided to get it in.  I was pleasantly surprised with my energy level once I started running.  Steven only had a couple of miles to go when I got there and snapped a quick pic when we finished running.

I also took a body pump class last Saturday and that about catches my blog up with my workouts.  Only 2 runs left before we leave for Virginia Beach!!

QOTD: What was your first official race?

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