Kimbo’s Back

Guess who’s back?  Back again?  Kimbo’s back.  Tell a friend.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer!  I know its been a LONG time since I last updated my blog, but it has been an extremely busy and fun summer for me!  Between elementary and middle school promotions, vacation, Gabby’s swim schedule, Makayla & Gabby’s birthdays, family birthday parties, and getting the girls ready for middle school and high school, I haven’t gotten much of a break to work on my blog.  Let’s catch up a little.


On a positive note, I have continued running.  I have run a total of 109.15 miles since I last blogged.  It averages out to a little over 9 miles a week.  I started using the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Intermediate 2 training plan, but I haven’t been able to follow it very well.  I’m “supposed” to be running 5 days a week, which I’ve only managed to actually accomplish a couple of times.  I’ve decided to modify it and press on.  My goal is to get ready for the Crawlin’ Crab half marathon, which is the first weekend in October.  My longest run over the past several months has been 6 miles, so I still have a ways to go!  If I’m being honest, I’ve been questioning if I even want to continue running a lot lately.  I think part of the reason is because I’ve been running solo a lot more lately and to be honest, it’s just not as fun when you don’t have someone to run with.  Sam and I are going to try to get together to run more often, but our schedules are both pretty hectic this fall so I think it’s going to be hit and miss.  Luckily, we were able to hook up on Wednesday evening and had a nice speed session together on the track (I can’t believe we forgot to snap a picture).  I was very happy with our run and it was SOOO nice to be able to catch up with her a bit!  I have only been to body pump 4 times since the last time I blogged and those 4 classes were all in the beginning of June.  It’s been way too long and I can tell my muscles aren’t as defined as they were.  I really need to get back in that class and tone up these muscles again!  I’m going to try to catch a class this week!  I’m also going to try to start running on my lunch break (on the less hot/humid days…I probably still have a few weeks to get through) so that my evenings are a little more open.  That will also help me to fit a body pump class or 2 into my evenings during the week.  I haven’t been taking many fitness pictures over the summer, but I thought I’d share the few I do have (yes, I’m eating a cupcake in one of them but that was after a run.  Everything in moderation, right?)


So, the last time I blogged, I was on the Tone It Up 8 Week Bikini Challenge plan.  I didn’t follow it to a T, and yet I was able to see huge changes.  I lost a total of 13 pounds (disclaimer…about 3 of those lbs were vacation weight I had gained right before starting the plan, so I think those would have come off pretty easily anyway).  It definitely wasn’t easy all the time and it was very time consuming.  I’ve always struggled with nutrition more than I have with exercise.  I haven’t been clean eating since I completed the challenge and I have packed on about 5 of those pounds I lost.  I am okay with that, I just don’t want to continue putting on weight.  I am going to try incorporating some of the meals into my every day diet, but I don’t think I will do the FULL plan again right away.


I have a few races planned for the Fall/Winter season.  I am already signed up for the Crawlin’ Crab Shell Yeah Challenge.  I am also still contemplating running the 10K Across the Bay again this year and I’m looking at another 10k in Arlington in a few weeks.  I really wanted to earn the Baltimore Running Festival medal this year because it is SUPER COOL, but I just don’t think I’m going to be ready for that super hilly race (mentally or physically).  I am still looking at a few more, but haven’t actually signed up for anything other than the Crawlin’ Crab yet.  I’m starting to see photos on social media of other people running and I’m noticing more Map My Run notifications.  I love seeing people prepare for the Fall race season!  Running is contagious and I get more excited about it when I see other people doing it 🙂

QOTD – Tell me one exciting thing about your summer!


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