January Recap

Wow, January sure did fly by!  I like to look at it as one month closer to Summer!!  I booked my summer vacation this past weekend, so the countdown is officially on.  Unfortunately, I still have many months before the family heads down to the beach, but it’s fun to daydream. 

I am feeling better about my running routine each week.  It’s getting a little easier (I am getting stronger) and I actually look forward to it on some days.  I’m going to start increasing my mileage slowly on my Sunday runs.  Here are my January exercise totals:

Mileage – 43 miles

Body Pump – 4 classes

Yoga – 3 at-home sessions

Walk – 3.5 miles

Another interesting note on the fitness front is that a memory popped up in my memories on Facebook that was from when I first started running more than 3.1 miles!  Somedays it’s still hard for me to believe I am a “runner” and I still don’t feel confident calling myself a “runner”.  I still feel like a phony for some reason – lol!


Nutrition:  Hmmm…I’ll give myself a B- in the nutrition department for the month of January.  I did manage to lose 5.5 pounds of my added Christmas weight!  I’m not sure how I managed to do that with Gabby living in my house.  She LOVES to bake.  Her most recent creation was this 4 layer cake.  MMmmmmm.  Get in my belly!

I’ll also give you a quick summary of my last week and a half (Jan 22 – 31):

Sunday – 3 Treadmill miles at the gym (9:55 pace)


Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – 3 Treadmill miles at the gym (9:57 pace)

Wednesday – Body Pump

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – 3 Treadmill miles at the gym (9:51 pace)

Saturday – Body Pump at the gym

Sunday – 3.5 Treadmill miles at the gym (10:05 pace).  Funny story…I had finished catching up on all the Scandal episodes that were available on Netflix on Friday, so I decided to start a new show.  I heard that Shameless was a really good show so I started watching it.  Definitely not “gym appropriate” – lol!!  I ended up turning it off because there was a dude running right beside me and I didn’t want to look like a pervert (I will save this show for watching at my house).  I ended up listening to my music, which I rarely do at the gym and I actually really liked it for a change. 

Monday – Yoga at home with Makayla (and Flash).  He decided to do the “All the way down facing dog”

Tuesday – 3.5 Treadmill miles (9:53 pace)

I’m looking forward to February workouts and upping my mileage!  I’ve got a few workouts on the horizon that will be a change from my usual workouts.  I’m really excited to share them with you!  Stay tuned! 

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