Why Hello there, March!

Goodbye February, Hello March!  We are officially one month closer to SUMMER (my favorite season).  The weather is still having a bit of an identity crisis.  Today’s high was close to 80 degrees, yet we have a chance of a frozen mix on Friday.  Go figure!

Here is a summary of my workouts since my last update:

Tuesday, Feb 21st – Rest Day.

Wednesday, Feb 22nd – Rest Day.  I initially planned to run today, but ended up meeting up with a friend and spending some time catching up.  Sometimes friend therapy is more important than any workout.

Thursday, Feb 23rd – 3.5 Treadmill miles (9:56 pace).

Friday, Feb 24th – Another beautiful day!  Since Steven and I had the day off, we spent the morning walking around Solomon’s Island.  We got about 3 miles in before my middle schooler sent me a text telling me she forgot her lunch.  Oops!  We had to rush home to get it to her during her lunch.

Saturday, Feb 25th – 4 Treadmill miles (9:42 pace).  My running days were a bit messed up this week due to the holiday weekend last week.  But I was determined to get my ‘scheduled’ miles in so I decided to hit the treadmill before my body pump class.  I missed the Wednesday Body Pump class, and my body could tell!  Later in the afternoon, Steven and I headed back over to Solomon’s Island with the girls to walk around and feed the ducks.  It was another beautiful day! 

Sunday, Feb 26th – 5.5 Treadmill miles (9:49 pace). 

Monday, Feb 27th – Rest Day.

Tuesday, Feb 28th – 4 Treadmill miles (9:43 pace).

As far as nutrition is concerned, February was not too kind to me.  Let’s just say I had my fair share of Valentine’s Day treats and Girl Scout Cookies!  My weight was up and down the entire month.  I only managed to lose a total of .5 pound.  I know I can do better than that!  I’d still like to lose about 5 more pounds.  Hopefully March is kinder to me than February was.

February Totals:

Running: 48.5 Miles

Body Pump: 5 classes

Yoga: 1 class

Bike: 4 miles

Spin: 1 class

Looking ahead, I have a lot of miles on the schedule for March (67.7 to be exact)!  I hope to be up to 9 mile long runs by the end of the month. 

And in other running news, there were a couple of familiar faces featured on our local Hospice Race flyer!  Lilee loves the fact that she is “famous”!


QOTD:  What are your March goals?







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