Recent Workout Highlights

Hi there!  I hope you all are having a good weekend!  Our weather continues to be all over the place.  This weekend has been so cold!  I’ll be so glad when the weather is consistently warmer, but it looks like we have a cold week ahead of us.  I just want to be inside my warm, cozy house when its cold outside. 

Below is my workout recap:

Wed, Mar 1st – Rest Day

Thurs, Mar 2nd – 3.5 Treadmill miles total.  20170302_060153I’ve been struggling with finding time to fit everything into my schedule again.  I have not been able to take a lunch at work recently because I am not able to get in until 7:30 (Makayla’s school is out of district so it adds a bit of time in the morning for me to get her to the transfer location, but that’s a whole different story).  Anyway, I decided that maybe I can become a morning runner.  We do have treadmill in our basement and although I really am not fond of it, it will do in a pinch.  So believe it or not, I actually got up and got some miles in before work.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time so I was only able to get 2.5 miles in before work (10:23 pace).  Those miles were a STRUGGLE!  I’m not sure if it was because I was still sleepy or because the house was so hot, but I had a hard time getting through the miles.  Then I still had one more mile to complete after work.  Since I knew I only had a mile to go, I was able to run a little faster (9:09 pace).

Phewww…I barely made it out of that run alive!

Fri, Mar 3rd – Rest Day

Sat, Mar 4th – Body Pump with Sam!  I was very excited to have my workout partner back!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture but I’m hoping we are able to work out together regularly again.  It helps so much to have a workout buddy.  Finding someone who has a similar schedule is tough.

Sun, Mar 5th – St. Pats Day 10k.  Gabby and I ran the Pacers St. Pats Day 10k in Washington DC (race recap coming soon).  Spoiler Alert – Gabby took 2nd place in her age group!!  Woot Woot!


Mon, Mar 6th – Rest Day

Tues, Mar 7th – 4.5 treadmill miles (9:43 pace)

Wed, Mar 8th – Body Pump again with Sam!  It’s a challenging release but I’m already feeling stronger than I was just 2 months ago.

Thurs, Mar 9th – Rest Day.  I usually run on Thursdays, but on weeks when I have off on Friday’s, I’m known to push my run to Friday instead since I have the whole day.  Instead, Sam and I met up for dinner and a drink.  Exercise isn’t the only form of stress relief 😉

Fri, Mar 10th – 4 treadmill miles (9:25 pace).  I get so bored on the treadmill so I found an interval plan that had me sprinting.  I was unable to complete the entire 4 miles based on the plan, but I was still happy with my pace.  It was tough though!!

Sat, Mar 11th – I wasn’t able to attend Body Pump today because I was busy watching Gabby compete in the Maryland Junior Championship Short Course Meet!!  She qualified in 8 different events and was also signed up for two relays!!  She swam 5 events today, and still has to swim 5 events tomorrow.  I’m currently debating about going to the gym to get some sort of strength workout in.  Anything other than the treadmill at the gym is intimidating to me though.  I have some old videos that I could complete at home if I don’t work up the nerve to go to the gym.  I’m hoping to fit something in.  If not, I’ll make sure to take body pump on Monday to make up for today.

I have 7 miles on the schedule tomorrow that I’m a little nervous about.  With the time change and the early morning swim meet, I’m going to be exhausted by the time we get home in the afternoon.  The last time I ran more than 6.2 miles was back in October so we’ll see how it goes.

I still haven’t gotten a handle on my nutrition just yet and that plays such a bigger role in weight management than working out does.  I generally make pretty decent choices during the week and then when the weekends come…anything goes!  I have no self-control!   I’ve considered posting my “My Fitness Pal” summaries on my blog.  Knowing that I’m going to share my food choices with the world (okay…more like my 10 followers) might inspire me to make better choices.  Stay tuned to see if I follow through with that idea!

I hope you all have a good weekend!  Stay warm!

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