Running update

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, y’all!!  I thought I’d update you on my running progress since my last blog update.  I’ve been trying to push myself to run at an uncomfortable pace during the weeks on my shorter runs and then upping my total mileage on Sundays.

  • Mon, Jan 21: Strength workout
  • Tues, Jan 22: 3.5 treadmill miles (9:33 pace)
  • Wed, Jan 23: Strength workout
  • Thurs, Jan 24: 3.5 treadmill miles (9:24 pace)
  • Fri, Jan 25: OFF DAY
  • Sat, Jan 26: Strength workout
  • Sun, Jan 27: 5.5 treadmill miles (9:50 pace)
  • Mon, Jan 28: Strength workout
  • Tues, Jan 29: 4 treadmill miles (9:32 pace)
  • Wed, Jan 30: Strength workout
  • Thurs, Jan 31: 3.5 treadmill miles (9:18 pace)
  • Fri, Feb 1: OFF DAY
  • Sat, Feb 2: Strength workout
  • Sun, Feb 3: 6 outdoor miles (10:21 pace)

Today, I ran outside with Sam which is so different than running on a treadmill.  I generally prefer running outside, but it does take me a while to get used to it once I’ve gotten used to the treadmill.  I always forget how to dress appropriately for the weather.  I have read to dress like its 20 degrees warmer, but I inevitably start doubting myself and overthinking everything.  I settled on long pants, a lightweight long sleeve shirt, and a thin headband to keep my ears warm.  This worked pretty well, although I could have worn capris.  I also struggle with which hydration option to go with.  I have a handheld, but it leaks sometimes.  I have a camelbak, but it’s a little heavy and I really don’t need that much water for 6 miles.  I have a fuel belt that has 2 small water bottles, which is what I decided on for today.  Then you have to remember sunglasses and I like to have chapstick as well.  My point in telling you all this is that outside running requires a lot more thinking/planning.  At least it does for me!   But I really enjoyed getting outside and I think it’s important to get outside as soon as possible if you are planning for a race because obviously the race is going to be outside!

Today’s run felt surprisingly good.  Sam is trying a slightly different plan than I am this time around so she had to run 8 today.  We decided to start together and then pass by our neighborhood at 6 miles so I could stop and she kept going for 2 more.  I felt pretty strong…especially the first 4 miles.  The last 2 were a little tougher, but still not bad at all.  We had talked about running between a 10:20 and 10:30 pace so we did a pretty good job.  The only problem I had was chaffing!  I have some new sports bras and I have been chaffing pretty bad in the same spot.  I made sure to put some body glide on before I left, but I should have completely covered it.  I got home and realized I had chaffed so bad that I had been bleeding all over my new white sports bra!  That’s no fun!


I’m feeling pretty good so I think I am going to go ahead and sign up for the Philly Love Run Half Marathon at the end of March!  Eeek!  I hope it’s not freezing.  The course is pretty flat and I’ve read some positive race reviews so I’m excited!  8 weeks to go…

One last note…I’ve been trying to come up with a music playlist for the race and have some ideas but would love to hear your suggestions!  I like to think I listen to a wide variety of music so any recommendations are appreciated.  I spent my last 2 gym strength sessions listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival & John Cougar Mellencamp’s greatest hits, but I usually run to something a little more fast-paced.  Think Missy Elliott and Beyonce (‘Get me Bodied’ is a favorite…I think it stems from a Zumba class I used to take).  Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my 80’s dance flicks so I have to throw in ‘Footloose’ and ‘Maniac’.   I have also taken a liking to some songs that were played in BodyPump & BodyCombat over the years.  Building a playlist that will keep me pumped for over 2 hours is tough!   Please leave a comment below and suggest a song or two that motivates you!



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