6 weeks till Philly!

T minus 6 weeks until go time!!  I’m feeling pretty okay.  This week’s schedule didn’t go exactly as planned.  Ah…life happens!  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Mon, Feb 4: OFF DAY
  • Tues, Feb 5: 4 treadmill miles (9:15 pace)
  • Wed, Feb 6: strength workout
  • Thurs, Feb 7: 3.5 treadmill miles (9:03 pace)
  • Fri, Feb 8: yoga (youtube in my living room)
  • Sat, Feb 9: strength workout
  • Sun, Feb 10: 6.5 outdoor miles (9:50 pace)
  • Mon, Feb 11: OFF DAY
  • Tues, Feb 12: strength
  • Wed, Feb 13: SICK – OFF
  • Thurs, Feb 14: OFF DAY (Still not feeling 100% + Valentine Heart Shaped Pancakes trump a workout)
  • Fri, Feb 15: 4 treadmill miles (9:23 pace)
  • Sat, Feb 16: – strength
  • Sun, Feb 17: OFF DAY
  • Mon, Feb 18: 7 outdoor miles (11:05 pace) 

I had originally rearranged my normal Tues/Thurs/Sun run days this past week because I thought I had a conflict on Tuesday evening.  It turned out that the Tuesday event was rescheduled so I *could* have gotten my run in, but I decided to just go with it and stick to Wed/Fri/Sun run.  Well…that backfired a little when I ended up coming home from work with a fever, body aches, and chills on Wednesday.  I was not feeling well at all and went straight to bed so no workout!  Thursday, I *could* have gone for a run but I opted to take another day off to eat Valentine’s day heart-shaped pancakes and rest instead.  Friday, I finally made it back to the gym.  It was tough.  I still have a nasty cough going on so I was just happy to be able to complete 4 miles!  

Sunday’s plan was to complete my long run with Sam.  Unfortunately, she has been having some issues with her feet so she wanted to push it to Monday since we were both going to be off anyway.  I was totally fine with that.  So, fast forward to Monday and we were on the hook for our long run.  Unfortunately, her issue with her feet going numb continued as we settled into the run.  She adjusted her shoelaces several times and we took some walk breaks, but nothing was really helping.  Finally, around 4.75 mile, Sam decided she was going to have to walk back home.  We decided to split at that point and I continued on to complete my 7 miles.  I’m happy to say that Sam got a ride back home, swapped out her shoes, and was able to finish her long run without numb feet!  We are hoping it’s just the new shoes that are causing the issues and she’ll be back to normal by her next run.  On a side note, I bought a pair of Brooks Levitate 2’s in January and am loving them so far!  Hopefully as my mileage increases, I will continue to love them just as much!


 My run felt pretty good.  The wind was a little strong on our way back up 235 so that part was tough, but otherwise I can’t really complain.  Starting next week, the mileage will increase by one full mile each Sunday.  I’m hoping to run much of the mileage with Sam.  Having a friend to chat with on a long run makes all the difference! 

6 weeks to go!  I’ll check in every 2 weeks up until the race and then hopefully have an exciting race recap.  Bring on Philly!

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