School Days!

On the workout front, this week has been going pretty well!  With open houses and school starting I had a feeling I would miss a workout or two, but I have somehow managed to get them all in.


On Monday night, Sam and I went to the gym to take yoga with Enid.  I like having yoga on Mondays, because I feel like it is a chance for me to get a nice full body stretch the day after my long run.  I had missed the previous 2 weeks, so I was excited to get back into it.  That ab track is killer!!


My alarm went off bright and early on Tuesday morning (5:00).  Sam and I left at 5:30 to head to the base track for our speed intervals session.


I was feeling pretty good.  We warmed up at our regular pace for .5 mile and then we started .10  interval sprints, followed by .20 intervals at our regular pace.  I ran a total of 4.5 miles.  I did take a break from sprint intervals for about 1/2 mile at one point.  My average pace was 9:13.  Luckily, there is a place on base where I can go to shower and get ready for work.  I’m sure my co-workers are very thankful 🙂


I only worked for a couple of hours and then I had to pick the girls up for their school open houses!  I spent the rest of the day meeting teachers, walking the halls of the schools, and finishing up our school supply shopping.  Oh, and we went to Panera Bread for lunch!  My favorite!  I took Gabby to swim practice that evening.  She is training for her first open water swim.  We (Steven and I) are still very nervous about this, but she really wants to do it.  She will have to swim 1/2 mile, which is the equivalent of 30some laps.  In the Bay.  Yikes.  But her coach is confident she can do it so we I will most likely be signing her up within the next day or 2.  While I was sitting at swim, Steven and Makayla showed up.  Steven had decided to get his run in and Makayla wanted to join him on her bike!  What a pleasant surprise!!  When we all got home, the girls started getting ready for their first day of school!


Back to school!!!  Luckily, both of my girls were SUPER excited about going back to school this year.  They were both very easy to get up and get moving in the morning.


After some pictures, Makayla was headed to her last first day of middle school.  Then I drove Gabby to Maw Maws house, where she would get on the bus for her last first day of elementary school.  What a big year!  I will be a mess at the end of the school year.  Both of the girls had a great first day of school and seem to really like their teachers.  Of course, they are also happy to be back with their friends.

On Sunday night, Sam and I went to Body Pump.  Jillann decided to mix it up a little tonight and brought back some old tracks that were unfamiliar to us.  It was a nice change, but I did miss some of the newer tracks.  Although I complain about all the leg work in the new tracks, I have grown to love the leg burn (wait, what?!?).  Don’t get me wrong though, it was still a great workout!


Since school has started, Sam and I have to tweak our schedules a bit.  She has to be out of the house earlier than usual to get Natalee to school so we decided we would start running at 5 am instead of 5:30.  So early!!  I slept until the very last possible moment (4:45) and then got ready as fast as I could.  We were hitting the pavement a few minutes after 5:00.  We knew it was going to be dark and we were worried about running down Buck Hewitt Road so we both wore reflective vests (safety first)!  What we didn’t anticipate is just how dark it was going to be on the sidewalk!!  I used to run early in the morning with Crystal and I don’t ever remember it being that dark (the moon must have been fuller and brighter).  There are some street lights along Chancellors Run, but just not enough.  When traffic would come towards us, it would totally black out the sidewalk and were completely blind.  I was running in the grass at one point.  It was pretty funny (we are easily amused), but scary at the same time!  We had planned to run the hills, but as we got closer to the top of the hill, we could see that it was pitch black for quite a while.  We decided it would be in our best interest to turn around and run towards Sheetz.  It was much easier to run with traffic because the headlights would light up the sidewalk for us instead of blacking it out.  Although we didn’t get to run the big hills, we still got our 4 miles in!  And that did include a smaller (yet still challenging) hill.  We are definitely going to have to come up with a new plan.


I am now sitting at swim with Gabby.  Coach just had her swim for 30 minutes straight.  She lost count but her coach and her think she swam 1800 – 2000 meters!!  That’s about twice as long as she would have to swim in the Bay so I am going to sign her up for her first open swim.  I am so excited for her and also so excited that she is willing to try new and challenging things.

In case you are wondering, I keep forgetting to do my core challenge.  FAIL!  I think September sounds like a good month to pick it back up 😉

I have another busy weekend ahead of me that I am looking forward to!  I can’t wait!

QOTD: Do you have any weekend plans?

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