Football, Friends, Family, and Fitness

This weekend did not go as planned, but I still made the best of it.  With an unexpected free weekend (I was supposed to be in Hampton all weekend for the Crawlin’ Crab Shell Yeah Challenge), I was able to fit in some down time, some workouts, and some fun time with my football squad 🙂


On Friday morning, I still had high hopes of being able to run the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon.  Unfortunately, I saw that the race director made the call to cancel it on Friday morning.  I was finally forced to face the fact that I would not be racing this weekend.  I planned to run 3 miles after work, but we ended up going to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania 2 instead.  Cute movie!


On Saturday morning, Sam and I went to the gym to take Body Pump.  After pump, we decided that since we were *supposed* to be running our 5k portion of the Shell Yeah challenge that morning in Hampton, that we should jump on the treadmill and knock out 3 miles.  We decided to keep it at an easy pace since we knew we would be sore from body pump.  I spent the remainder of the day doing chores and running the kids around the county.


Sam and I weren’t able to meet up for our usual Sunday morning long run due to schedule conflicts that came up when our race was cancelled.  We decided to meet up later in the day to get our run in.  We weren’t really sure what distance to run.  We were all trained up for the half marathon and *should* have been running 13.1 miles today.  Luckily, we think alike about 99% of the time, so we were both thinking 10 sounded good 🙂

We invited our squad over for the Redskins game today.  One of my besties, Lori and her son, Max were also able to make it over this week!  We had a lot of fun and a lot of good food.  Greg’s Buffalo Chicken Dip was off the hook!!!  And I ate LOTS of it.  The Redskins got a division win to boot!!  I’m not sure why my pictures have been so crappy lately, but I’ll post them anyway.

20151004_104602 20151004_132059 20151004_142328 20151004_151545 20151004_151605 20151004_161258

Thank goodness for the win.  If we would have lost, I don’t know if I would have had the energy to face a 10 mile run.  After our company left, I ate a Shot Bloc gel and met Sam outside for our run.  We decided to just run down 235 today so that we didn’t add 30 minutes to our workout by having to drive to base.  We were also trying to get home before dark and knew we needed to start right away.  Its always nice to change up the route every now and then anyway.  It seems to make the time go by faster when you aren’t sure what mile you are on.  Our first few miles flew by even though the wind was hitting us pretty hard!  We had a lot to talk about and it really does keep us distracted.  We did have to stop a few times at traffic lights, but we were still running at a pretty good pace.  We got a little nervous when we got further south.  Although the road has a large shoulder, the vehicles tend to fly by and we saw more than one car cross the line and/or ride the line.  You really have to stay alert and be aware of each and every car as it approaches.  We turned around at mile 5 and headed home.  I thought about eating another Shot Bloc gel at the half way point, but after the amount of food I inhaled while watching football, I didn’t think my stomach could handle anything else.  Sam did give me a Shot Bloc gummy (I am brain farting on the name).  We decided to take a walk break at mile 8 for a couple of minutes.  The wind had really taken a toll on us and we knew we weren’t worried about our time anyway.  By the time we got back to Buck Hewitt Road, it was starting to get dark.  We *almost* made it home before dark!  I hate that it gets dark so early.  We ended up with some pretty good splits and even with the very strong wind, traffic light stops, and our walk break at mile 8, we ended up coming within 17 seconds of our last 10 mile run.  There’s a fun fact for ya!


Football, friends, family, fitness.  Like Ice Cube said, “Today was a good day!”.

QOTD: What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Watched My Redskins whip some Eagle butt!!! Spent time with the family and did I mention, ran 9 miles on Saturday morning and did I mention that I watched the Redskins win!!!

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