Let’s catch up

I’m sorry I haven’t updated you guys lately.  I have to admit that when my race was postponed, it kind of took the wind out of my sails.  I lost the excitement that I had for preparing for the race.  But I am finally getting it back.  If all goes well and Mother Nature doesn’t throw us any curve balls, Sam and I will be running our 5k and half marathon this coming weekend!  Woot woot!!!  I did manage to keep working out, so let me give you a quick recap

MONDAY – Skipped yoga 😦  Dang pork wouldn’t finish cooking and I was running late so I had to skip it.

TUESDAY – I planned to run 5 miles tonight.  The problem is that the sun is setting way too early!!  I didn’t want to run alone at night while Gabby was at swim so I figured I would just hit the treadmill after swim was over.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  I was too tired!  Looks like I would have to push my run to Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY – I was feeling determined to get my workouts in on Wednesday.  I knew I wanted to go to Body Pump and I also had to fit in my run from yesterday so it was going to be a long night.  Sam and I had conflicting schedules so we weren’t able to workout together again 😦  After work, I headed to the gym.  I took Body Pump for about 45 minutes.  I left a little early so I could hit the treadmill so I missed the ab and shoulders track.  I headed out to the treadmill.  I can’t believe there was a time when I actually liked running on the treadmill.  I ended up running 4.5 miles and it felt like it dragged on FOREVER!!!  I watched Netflix, but it really didn’t help that much.  I just kept watching the time.  But I finally got it done.

THURSDAY – Thursday is usually my run day, but since I ran last night, I decided to push my 2nd run of the week to Friday.  So, I didn’t have any workout plans for Thursday.  I decided at the last minute to throw on my swim suit and swim laps while Gabby was at swim.  When I got to the pool, the coach asked me to help time test sets so I didn’t think I would be swimming after all.  Luckily, I was finished my timing duties by 7:30 and Gabby swims until 8:00, so while I didn’t have much time, I figured I’d jump in the lane and swim 500 meters (or yards…I forget).  I alternated 100 meters freestyle with 100 meters breast stroke until I got to 500.  It felt good to be swimming again.


FRIDAY – I didn’t have to work Friday, so I got up and ran 4.5 miles.  Again, Sam and I couldn’t meet up so it was a long boring run.  But I was happy to have it over with early.

20151009_091520 Screenshot_2015-10-12-20-01-39

On Friday evening, Steven and I took our girls along with some of Makayla’s friends to Fright Fest at Kings Dominion.  We had a good time even though Gabby and a friend of Makayla’s didn’t like the haunts.  We met my brother and his family up there and thanks to Stormy, we were able to go in a few more haunts while she sat with the girls who didn’t want to participate.  I also got on a few rides with Gabby!  It started out as a beautiful night.  Unfortunately, a storm came through.  It only lasted about 30 minutes, but it caused them to shut down the rides for a while.  We stayed until midnight, so it was a long, tiring ride home.  Thanks to Steven for getting us all home safely.

20151009_175658 20151009_180034 20151009_205834 IMG_9190

SATURDAY – I was a little unsure if I would make it to Body Pump on Saturday morning after such a late night, but I was awake to get Gabby up for swim so I decided to go for it.  Sam and I were FINALLY able to workout together again.  Yay!!  Mary taught us an older release so it was *new* to us and was a good workout.  I spent the rest of the day working on decorating for Halloween with Steven.

SUNDAY – Gabby had a swim meet on Sunday morning.  We had to be at the College of Southern Maryland at 6:50, so Sam and I had to plan for a later Sunday run again.  Gabby swam 3 events at the meet; 100 freestyle, 50 backstroke, and 100 IM.  She did great!!  I love watching her swim.  She is powerful and graceful at the same time and it amazes me.

Since it was a small local meet, we were finished early and home by 11:00.  We prepared for our Football Squad (we need a name) to come over and relaxed (well…not sure watching a Redskins game is ever *relaxing*) and watched the game.  It was an exciting game, but the Redskins lost in overtime 😦  Sam and I had decided to meet up after the game for our run.  We decided on a 10 mile run again this week.  I did not have a good run.  I ate WAY too much during the football game.  Greg brought over his Buffalo Chicken Dip and Dirt (dessert) and Jason brought meatballs.  We ordered pizza and cheesy bread.  I ate a lot.  As soon as we started running, I was regretting eating so much.  By mile 2.5 or so, I was wondering if I had 10 miles in me.  By mile 3.5, I had to stop on the side of the road.  I decided when I started this blog that I would share the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Well…this was not the good.  I was feeling like I was going to throw up.  I was on the side of the road dry-heaving, fighting it with all that I had, with tears running down my face.  I thought I was going to have to walk home or call Steven to come get me.  After a few minutes of fighting it, I felt better but we decided to walk for a bit, just to make sure.  I felt better by about 3.75 miles and we started running again.  I felt much better this time around and we were able to maintain a pretty good pace for the next 4 miles.  I definitely learned my lesson.  I can not eat like that before a long run.  I somehow managed to do it last week and felt fine, but I wont be doing it again.  We decided to take a walk break again at mile 8 and it was then that I turned on my new lighted arm band since it was starting to get dark.  Thanks mom for buying it for me last week!  We made it home and I am so happy to have that run behind me!!  Thankfully, I don’t have any pictures to share from this run!


I don’t feel quite as ready for my race as I did 2 weeks ago, but I am still excited!  My last 2 long runs have been 10 miles so I am a little worried that I will crash and burn around mile 10 during the race.  I only have 2 short runs left!!  Lets hope the race actually happens this time!!

One thought on “Let’s catch up

  1. You’ve got it in you Kim . You’ll push yourself and get that determination up in you or as Granny would tell me get the Davis up in you . Glad the arm band worked for you . I want you to be safe .


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