MCM10k & a bad hip

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA lately. It seems as if the days are just flying by and by the time I get settled to update my blog at night, I just can’t keep my eyes open. I’ll do my best to bring everyone up to speed on my running/fitness quest, but bear with me because it will probably be a long update. I have good news and I have bad news. Let’s start with the good: Sam and I ran the Marine Corps Marathon 10k last weekend and we both PR’d. The bad news: I have managed to injure my hip flexor (at least I think that’s what it is). It’s not excruciating and I’m hoping I just pulled something, but I have a pretty significant limp that makes me sad. It seems to hurt the most after I’ve been sitting a while. I also notice it a lot while I’m driving because of the movement from the gas pedal to the brake. I’m trying to rest it a bit and see how it goes. I don’t remember specifically injuring it, so I think it’s just an overuse injury. I remember telling Sam that it felt off before running the Crawlin’ Crab 5k. After the Crawlin’ Crab half, it hurt for a few days. But the worst pain was after the MCM10k. It doesn’t hurt that bad while I’m running. Either that or I block it out after the first mile. Oh, and the other bad news is that I have 2 bruised toenails that I am definitely going to lose. They were pretty sore for a few days after the half, but I’m used to that by now. This will be the 3rd time I lose them.

So let me start by telling you guys about the week leading up to the MCM10k. I took yoga on Monday, which was the day after Crawlin’ Crab. My hip had been hurting so I decided I should stretch it. It felt amazing! On Tuesday night, I decided to skip my run. With my hip pain and another race coming up, I didn’t want to risk it. I also skipped Body Pump on Wednesday due to other obligations. By Thursday, I felt ready to run again. I didn’t have much time before taking Gabby to swim, so I ran 3 miles. The first mile felt HORRIBLE! I think it was just because I hadn’t worked out all week. But the 2nd and 3rd mile felt really good. I was able to push it out at a pretty decent pace.


After running, I could definitely feel my hip complaining again. Friday was my day off work. I didn’t exercise, but I did help Steven decorate the yard all day.

20151023_155952 20151023_110823 20151024_155148 20151024_171040

Then on Friday night, Jason, Steven, and I took the older girls and a friend to Vampire Manor. I FINALLY made it all the way through a haunted house. I am a huge fraidy cat and usually opt out but I was determined to do it this time. And truth be told, it wasn’t even that bad. I think I was more afraid that someone was going to step on my sore toes than anything else.

20151023_215426 20151023_221622

On Saturday, I intended to go back to body pump. I was wide awake at 8 a.m. but ended up somehow falling back to sleep around 9 and sleeping until 10:45!! Woah! I never sleep that late. So, no body pump for me. I suppose my body must have really needed the sleep. We did get home late Friday, but not *that* late. Oh well. One more day off before my 10K.

Now onto the MCM10k. So, this is probably the first race that was a let down for me. I feel kind of guilty even saying that. I love and respect the Marine Corps, but this race was a “one and done” for me. I have a feeling that the marathon itself is a much different experience. I bet it lives up to the hype. I have friends who have run the marathon and loved it! But I wouldn’t run the 10k again. The best part of the race was that I got to hang out with my best friend and my husband. Below is a more detailed review:

We decided to leave at 5:30 on Sunday morning. Steven decided to go with me to cheer me on and to carry everything for me. He was also my driver. I love him 🙂 Sam and I had conflicting schedules after the race, so we decided to drive separately. We woke up to rain (flashbacks to RNR DC Half Marathon), but it wasn’t as cold as I expected. We met out in the street at 5:30 and headed up the road, Sam following Steven and I. We stopped at Sheetz so we could grab some breakfast (yogurt/granola for me). As you can tell by the picture below, Steven was absolutely thrilled to drive me to the Branch Ave metro stop. On a side note, Gabby saw this picture and asked me what was wrong with my face. She says I look like The Purge. Hmmm.   Kids and their dang honesty.


Anyway, we got on the metro and headed out to L’enfant Plaza.

20151025_070412 20151025_070416

From there, Sam and I walked to the starting line, while Steven boarded another metro to take him to the finish line. Sam and I thought we had plenty of time. We took a couple of selfies in front of the Capital Building and Washington Monument.

20151025_072915 20151025_072932

Then we pinned our bibs on and checked our bags with no problems. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how easy that process was, considering the amount of people. We were going to take more pictures, but then realized how long the port-a-pot lines were. We ended up waiting in line for almost 30 minutes. I found out that Sam shares my talent for picking the line that doesn’t move. We actually got out of one line to move to another that was shorter and ended up waiting much longer than we would have if we would have stayed. It never fails. I always wait in the wrong line. The race started while we were still in line. We were getting anxious but saw that there were still a lot of people walking to the starting line, so we decided to continue waiting. By the time we were done, the last of the walkers had just crossed the starting line (there were still people in the port-a-pot lines though so I know we weren’t the very last people to start).

Unfortunately, we had to do a LOT of weaving because we were so far back in the pack. And it takes so much energy to weave in and out of the crowds. The rain was continuing to come down. It didn’t feel that bad, but we did have to dodge some puddles. The first mile was the only scenic mile of the run and I missed most of it because I was doing so much weaving. The rest of the race course was not very exciting. I had decided to turn on my MapMyRun notifications and left my Garmin watch at home. I wanted to just run based on how I felt, without constantly checking my pace. I felt like we were pushing ourselves pretty hard though. Around mile 5, the exhaustion really set in and I just couldn’t wait to see the finish line. It helped to see the marines lined up on either side of the road, giving out high fives! There is a significant hill right before the finish line of the race. I was proud that we charged up the hill, however I felt awful when I got to the top. I felt like I might throw up and started walking for a minute. Sam turned around and asked if I was okay. I got myself together and picked it back up to a run. The finish line was so crowded that I basically had to stop right at the finish line. 1:00:03 was my official time!!!  That’s a 10k PR for me.

Screenshot_2015-10-25-18-37-10 Screenshot_2015-10-26-21-14-4120151025_090649

We had to continue to walk for quite some time to get our medals (given out by handsome marines!). After getting our medals, we stopped for some photo ops.

20151025_091415 20151025_091410 20151025_091616 20151025_090730 20151025_091448

I called Steven to find him. He had been near the finish line but we never saw each other while I was running. It was just SOOO crowded. We had to continue to walk towards the finisher’s area and eventually were able to meet back up with Steven. We collected our free beer and some free handouts/coupons and then collected my bag that I had checked.

20151025_093712 20151025_09402020151025_09305120151025_093111

Again, I was impressed with how easy this process was. I considered hopping in line for a massage, but decided against it. I wanted to get back down the road in time to watch the Redskins. We headed back to the metro (another LONG wait) and headed home.

There were plenty of good things about the race (including the PR), but I was just turned off by the crowds and the boring course. I am glad I did it though. That makes race #13 for me for the year. Only 2 more to reach my “15 in 15” goal!


And I made it home in time for the game!


I loved the win, but I missed having my squad over this weekend.  HTTR!

2 thoughts on “MCM10k & a bad hip

  1. I’m so proud of you ! Just think you get to run the Baybridge 10k next weekend . I’m starting to have my doubts about running it . I guess it’s because it’s my first 10 k . I’ll hit my goal of 5 in 15 !


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