Bring it on, 2017

We are 14 days into 2017 and things are going pretty well so far.  My first run of the year was on New Year’s Day and it was tough (to say the least).  I hadn’t ran since the beginning of December and I could certainly tell!  I decided to run outside for my first run of the year.  I was pretty happy with my first mile but I ended up having to walk a few times over the final 2 miles.

Since then, I’ve been officially back to running 3 days a week, although I have been keeping my mileage low (3 miles each time so far) for a total of 18 miles so far this month.  I’ve ran outside 3 times and on the treadmill 3 times.  I am not going to lie, I have struggled at some point with each of my runs so far.  What used to be “just 3 miles” is just not that easy!  But, I will continue running and working on building up my strength and stamina, little by little.  I am happy to say that each run has gotten faster!

My daughters both joined me for yoga in my living room early in the New Year and although there were lots of giggles and silliness, we also got a nice stretch.  Makayla even joined me for yoga the following week (Gabby was at swim).  We’ve been rolling out yoga mats and finding youtube yoga videos to watch.  Whatever works, right?  Well, it kind of works.  Until Flash decides to interfere!  But we have fun and I really hope that she continues to join me each week.

I also went back to pump on Wednesday.  My legs are still really sore!!  I’m really looking forward to going back.  I considered going back this morning but I didn’t think my legs could handle it quite yet.  Instead, Steven and I hit the gym to walk for 2 miles and then hit some weight machines to get some chest/bi/tri exercises in.

I plan to use the month of January to get my groove back and then at the very end of the month, I plan to start increasing my distance.  I have some spring races in mind, but have not made any commitments just yet.  Some of the races I’m thinking about are:

  • St. Pats 10k (D.C)
  • Hospice 5k (Leonardtown, MD)
  • GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler (Alexandria, VA) OR Coastal Delaware Running Festival Half Marathon (Delaware)
  • St. Mary’s Historic Half (St. Mary’s City, MD) OR Ocean City Island to Island Half Marathon (Ocean City, MD)
  • Leatherneck 5k (Patuxent River, MD)

How is your 2017 going so far?  Have you started any new workout routines? 

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