Bit by the race bug

I ran two races this past weekend and just signed up for another race last night.  I guess you could say I’m getting the race bug again.  While I’ve continued running since the spring, I haven’t really been running consistently or decided to train for any specific races.  I think it’s time to dust off the old training plan, pick a half marathon and JUST DO IT!  I’ve even had crazy thoughts about running another full marathon.  I am definitely not ready to commit to that level of training at this time, but if I’m feeling good in 4-6 weeks about my progress, I may seriously consider it. 

My last blog update was after my Historic St. Mary’s City Half Marathon.  That race did not go particularly well for me and I definitely felt like I needed a break afterwards.  Since then, this is what I’ve been up to:

I have logged 172 miles since May.  This includes 3 races.  I ran the Clarendon 10K in September.  I didn’t write a recap this year, but you can click here for last year’s recap.  Below are some pictures from this years race.

I also ran my very first trail run on Saturday.  It was the CPCS Running Crab 5k.  It was definitely different than a road race.  I felt like I was running much faster than I was.  I think that is due to the energy you expend while avoiding roots and rocks.  I did enjoy the race though and was happy to receive my first age group medal.  This wasn’t a big race and most of the runners seemed to be kids, but I’ll still take it ;o)

I ran the 10k Across the Bay with Gabby and Sam on Sunday.  I will post a separate race recap about that soon.

In other news, Makayla decided to join the gym with me.  She has also starting running with me (when she doesn’t have too much homework) and has taken Body Pump a few times with me.  Her 1 mile time has already improved significantly so I am hoping she sticks with it.  We have also been doing yoga together on Monday nights at home via YouTube on the living room TV.  Working out has had a great impact on her overall mood and self-confidence.  I love that it means I get to spend more time with her too.

For my upcoming birthday weekend, the family has agreed to participate in a race weekend with me.  I signed the entire family up for the Christmastown 8k at Busch Gardens the first weekend of December.  I am really excited about it.  We will go to Busch Gardens the night before the race and then we will all run the race together and maybe even do some outlet shopping together afterwards.  Last year, the girls and I went, along with my mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend.  Gabby and I raced, and Makayla tagged along for moral support.  We really enjoyed the race last year so I’m excited that we are all participating this year, along with other members of my family.

Stay tuned for the 10k Across the Bay recap – coming soon!

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