March Recap

Sorry I’ve been missing in action so much lately!  Life has continued to fly by and I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I last blogged!  On the fitness front, a few notable things have happened:

  • I signed up for my first half marathon of the year!!  I will be running the Coastal Delaware Half Marathon on April 23rd!  I’m excited and nervous!
  • I signed up for the Hospice 5k!  This is the race that started it all for me and also has a special meaning.  I am excited to run this race on Saturday.
  • Makayla joined me for a Body Pump class!  I was so excited, but unfortunately she did not enjoy it one bit.  I am still holding out hope that she will get bit with the exercise bug and want to join me.  It’s always more fun with friends and family.
  • I “successfully” completed long runs (7, 8, 9, and 10 miler) over the past several Sunday’s.  I had some serious doubt setting in before my 8 miler and ALMOST decided that I was done with long runs.  Then I had a solid run that felt pretty good and decided to keep on moving!  I was able to keep an average pace of 10:12 for the 8 miler and 10:15 for the 9 miler and that included multiple walk breaks.  Then for my 10 miler, I was able to meet up with Sam for 5 of my miles!  And while I was SO excited to have my running buddy back at my side for half of the race, I felt pretty crappy for a lot of the run.  I ended with a 10:39 pace and doubt started setting in again.
  • I am experiencing hip issues (again!).  This time, its my left hip and the symptoms are the same symptoms that I experienced a year and a half ago when I was diagnosed with hip bursitis.  This makes me extremely nervous to continue my training, but I’m so close to the race date, I don’t want to throw in the towel yet.  I have been cutting out some shorter runs and replacing them with other cardio (bike, elliptical) and I think I’m going to skip my long run this weekend.  Again, going to see how I feel.  I have the hospice 5k on Saturday so I am going to wait and see how my hip feels on Saturday night.  I have also started doing some of the exercises that I learned in rehab.

Below are my March totals:

Running: 59.2 Miles

Body Pump: 5 Classes

I am considering going back on the Tone It Up nutrition plan that I did last year, or at least some variation of it.  I remember that it was really time-consuming and I didn’t *love* all of the food, but there were definitely plenty of good recipes as well.  I’d like to start incorporating some of those ideas into my diet again.  They focus on natural foods and also eating 5 smaller meals a day.  It worked for me last year so why not give it another go?  I just have to get in the right mindset.


Hopefully my next blog update will be telling you all about how great the Hospice 5k went and how great my hip is feeling!  Stay tuned…




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