Sunday Runday Funday

Here we are, back at Sunday again!  How did that happen so fast?  I didn’t get in all my planned workouts this week, but I still got some good ones in.  What are you gonna do?  Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned.


On Monday, Makayla and I weren’t feeling well.  Both of our stomachs were very upset, but I’ll spare you the details.  Needless to say, I stayed in bed most of the day and didn’t make it to yoga.  Makayla and I did watch some episodes of Walking Dead together  She is still a couple of seasons behind though.


On Tuesday, I was planning to run 3 or 4 miles.  Gabby’s swim practices were moved to St. Mary’s College week because the pool heater at Great Mills is being repaired so I had to come up with a new plan to get my miles in.  Since the college is a good 20-25 minutes away from my house (and the gym), I didn’t think it would make sense to drop her off and come all the way to the gym and then go back to the college.  I was worried I would be running late to pick her up.  I considered running outside around the college since the sun is setting a little later, but I was worried about the traffic and running at dusk.  They have a gym at the college, but I wasn’t really sure what their policies were on guests using it.  I finally decided I would probably just run outside at the track at the college.  When I left work, I realized that the weather was still pretty nasty (wet, windy, and cold) and decided that I would probably just run on our treadmill at home after swim practice.  Off I went to drop her off.

20160223_192650Her coach knows that I am a runner and he mentioned that guests can buy a day pass for the gym down the hallway for only $5.00.  Score!  While I wasn’t really dressed for an indoor treadmill workout (long sleeve shirt and long pants), I decided I better go ahead and get it in.  Not only was I over-dressed, but I didn’t have a headband, brush, or earbuds and had to search my purse just to find a pony tail holder.  I decided to run 3.5 miles.  It got pretty boring really quick with no music, but I got it done.


I was planning to go to Body Pump on Wednesday evening, while Steven took Gabby to swim practice, but because of the tornado watches, I didn’t want to leave Makayla home alone.  I even considered doing a P90X workout at home, but soon the watches turned into warnings and I was in the basement with Makayla *slightly* freaking out.  Makayla spent the evening making fun of me for being afraid of storms and Steven spent the evening with Gabby in the gym at the college.  Stressful!


Thursday’s are usually my run days, but on the weeks that I have off on Friday, I always know I have the option of pushing the run to Friday if I want and that’s exactly what I did.  Steven and I ended up taking the girls out to dinner after work and then finished watching Rocky Balboa with Gabby that evening.


I ended up going into work Friday until noon to catch up on some things.  I went home and had lunch and then decided to hit the gym to run on the treadmill.  I actually had a pretty good run today.  At least the first 3 miles were good.  I felt nauseous for the last mile, but I was able to fight through it and finish my 4 miles.  Unfortunately, I felt kind of ill for several hours after the run.  Thankfully it went away by Friday evening.


Sam and I hit the gym for body pump on Saturday.  It was super crowded.  I increased my weight on some of the tracks, but still struggled with the bicep track.  I felt like I got a good workout in though.  I know I will be sore since I missed Wednesday and increased my weights today!


Sunday Runday Funday!  And what a beautiful day for it!!!  Sam, Crystal, and Ashlee were all available to run as well!!!  It was like a Key West mini reunion.  We all had slightly different run plans.  Crystal was aiming for 6 miles.  I was aiming for 7.5.  Ashlee was aiming for 8.  And Sam had 18 on her schedule as she continues to get ready for Shamrock!!  We decided to meet at the drill hall at 8:30 and head out from there.  When I got up a little after 7, it was only 35 degrees, but I knew it was supposed to warm up so figuring out what to wear was tough.  By the time we started running it was probably 8:40 and a little warmer but still pretty cold!!  We all started together and decided to run the 6 mile loop.  By mile 1.5 or so, Sam and Ashlee started pulling ahead of us and we split into 2 groups.  We ran slightly slower than what I have been running, but I felt SOOO much better than I did last Sunday.  I think slowing down the pace and having a run partner made ALL the difference in the world.  We only stopped to walk once at mile 3.  I knew that I had an extra 1.5 miles to go after our loop so around mile 5.5, I started picking up the pace a little bit (it helped that I was running downhill).  Crystal ended up running around the drill hall and actually went an extra .5 mile than she had planned!!!  Way to go, Crystal!!  I headed back on the same route we had just completed and just turned around after ¾ of a mile.  The timing worked out pretty good.  Ashlee was just finishing up her run as I finished mine and I got to see Sam again!

After a quick cool down walk, Crystal, Ashlee, and I jumped in Crystals truck and went to find Sam so we could all take a picture together.  Because if we don’t take a group selfie, did the run even really happen??  🙂

20160228_10080520160228_100753Crystal took me back to my van and we parted ways.  The sun was shining and the temps were up.  It turned into a really beautiful day!  Steven decided to run 18 today as well and just as he was about to head out, we saw Sam coming home from her 18 miler!   Her and Steven both did amazing again today!!

February is just about over and it has been my first month that I have been back to running.  I logged a total of 48 miles this month!  I am happy about that.  While my record for a single month is 84.2, I haven’t logged this many miles in a single month since October (62.4).  I am feeling relatively good too.  My muscles are sore as they try to get used to me working them so hard, but I am finally starting to feel like I am getting my groove back.  My pace isn’t what it once was, but I know with hard work and consistency, I will eventually work my way back there.  It just takes time.

QOTD – Do you like storms or are you a fraidy cat, like me?

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